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C&C Mentor Protégé Program 
Mentor Testimonials
C&C Mentor Protégé Program 
Protege Testimonials

written TESTimonials

"What I like about the Protege Program is that I am able to get the proper help and support from the team, I am able to focus on one company goals at a time to help JNS plastering grow as a company, it’s been an honer and a privilege to be part of this program, I’ve had an amazing experience with everyone.

Thank you for putting such a rewarding program together for small business like us."


Thank you

Samuel Jimenez


"My name is Mona Gocan and I am the President of 77 Electrical Services. Currently, we are Protégé to Turner Construction. As a small, emerging business, I'm consistently confronted with numerous questions and always wonder what effective practices larger contractors employee because our goal is to act and run our business professionally and successfully as an established contractor. We are exceptionally fortunate to have Turner Construction as our Mentor contractor, as this partnership has provided us with invaluable experience and knowledge. Their guidance has encompassed a wide range of essential areas such as estimating, procurement, safety, finance, and general business management. Turner Construction has consistently offered their wealth of expertise, promptly addressing any questions or concerns that we had during the past year. Their mentorship has been instrumental in our development and growth so far. Thank you C&C Monitor Protégé Program for the opportunity!"


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