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The Program

The C & C Mentor Protégé program is designed to foster relationships within the construction and building industry by bridging the gap between small businesses and larger firms.

Who is a Good Fit for the Program:
  • Prime contractors with the resources available to mentor a smaller company through focused education, training, and collaboration.

  • Small businesses interested in building capability and capacity through evaluation, training, and observation.

Program Eligibility Requirements:
Mentors & Protégé Must:
  • Provide construction services or commodity products/construction supplies.

  • Have an office location in San Diego County or Imperial County.

  • Have been in business for a minimum of 1 year at start of program cycle.

Program Schedule:
Program Benefits:


  1. Receive credit for proposals, submitted to public agencies, showing involvement in mentorship program as a mentor.

  2. Mentors won’t have to rely only on GFE (Good Faith Efforts)

  3. Meet your DBE, SLBE, SBE, etc. goals

  4. Social responsibility and recognition (feather in your cap)

  5. Build profitable relationships with qualified subcontractors

  6. Help increase the pool of qualified subcontractors

  7. Populate your prequalified list of bidders

  8. Build a positive image in the small business arena, good public and community relations

  9. Help build industry stability


  1. Confidence Builder:  Increases confidence of small contractors to bid larger projects which leads to increased revenue.

  2. Confidence Builder:  Learn how to express yourself more effectively to score high on interviews

  3. Confidence Builder:  Learn how to perform takeoffs with fewer errors.  Feel comfortable with your bids.  Eliminate over and under bidding, increase profits

  4. Learn to work smarter, prioritize and not have one person over burdened with all of the responsibilities.

  5. Learn Best Management Practices for business & project management.  Increase your management skills

  6. Build profitable relationships with more prime and other small contractors

  7. Learn how to submit your progress billing on time to increase cash flow

  8. Solve your labor compliance issues

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